Kamome: The Little Boat from Rikuzentakata


Greetings, everyone.

Today of course is the 10th anniversary of the triple disasters (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown) in the Tohoku region, north of Tokyo. Without any doubt, it was agonizing day for each and every one of us that lived through that day. So many lives were lost.

Today, I thought would be a good day to pass on this story. It’s about a small fishing boat that was cast out of Rikuzentaka and landed on a beach in California–two years later.

If you’re interested, please watch a video the story (in English or Japanese). For those of you with children who are too young to remember that day, perhaps this can be a way to gently tell the story about that terrible day.

Here’s hoping only good comes from tragedies such as this…


Japanese (日本語版)